Leah brought an invaluable level of expertise to my complex divorce – evident in the thoughtful, workable strategies she devised for visitation and financial support still in place today.  Over the course of two years, Leah never lost sight of my priorities, and she was sensitive to my ex husband’s mental illness – handling the nuances and complications of his situation and its effect on the divorce proceedings with patience and professionalism.  She leads her clients by example.

Making the decision to file for divorce is one thing, but re-building a new life in the wake of that decision is another. I was able to focus on returning to work, managing the house, and raising the children because I had such strong representation in the background to tackle the legal “heavy lifting.” People often remark on how well my children are doing today, and I always tell them it is because my children had the best of me during the worst of times.  This best self was present and accounted for entirely due to Leah.
Lisa H.

Divorce is never easy, and especially after many years of marriage.  After several calls and meetings with different attorneys in the Chicago area, I first met Leah when she was with her prior firm.  Both Leah and the partner on my case were informative, assertive and composed.  However, the main reason I chose them to represent me, was that Leah and the partner were also patient and compassionate lawyers.  I felt comfortable explaining my situation (even though details at times were embarrassing).  Throughout my 4 year relationship with Leah and the firm she was with, there was not a moment that I felt that she didn’t care about my case, knowing she was working on others cases as well. Sounds funny to say, but she became part of my life for those 4 years, and she listened a lot to whatever I needed to talk about.  Now that sounds expensive, but for me and my case at the time it was well worth it.  I would call Leah again in a heartbeat, and I have called her at her new firm.Sally W.

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