Introducing Leah Trachtman Law

I am proud to welcome you to Leah Trachtman Law, Chicago’s newest law firm dedicated to the practice of family law.  I have practiced family law exclusively in Cook County and the surrounding collar counties since 2005. I was the senior associate at a prestigious Chicago law firm prior to opening Leah Trachtman Law. The experience I received at my prior law firm was invaluable and gave me the skills necessary to embark on this venture.

At Leah Trachtman Law, I plan to focus on client service and insuring that each client receives the individualized focus and attention that they need. I will work closely with my clients to strategize and develop the best plan of action for his/her case. Clients can be assured they will always receive realistic expectations from me.

I look forward to continuing to serve individuals in the Chicagoland area for many years to come. To get started today, call Leah Trachtman Law to schedule a consultation –312- 981-5115.